Quake City

SilverHawks! Remember that show? I do. It was like ThunderCats in space. Who didn’t like ThunderCats? Didn’t you want to see it in space? Well it was one of my favorite shows growing up, and the best place to watch it was on Mike Green’s couch before school. We were watching it exactly 30 years […]

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Wow. What a night. The BIG night. FIGHT NIGHT! The entire world at this point knows their names. Tonight, when it was their turn, they came out in their lavish outfits that probably didn’t need to have so much flare. They each had their own theme song as they were introduced. Logos and tag lines […]

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It’s a Photon Deal

My old man had a nineteen eighty-something Cadillac Seville. He loved that car. I wasn’t a big fan. It was bulky and had leather seats and whenever it reached a speed over 23mph, the wind would create a whistle that flew through some unknown parts of the frame and engine and could be heard for […]

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